Our expertise covers all the aspects of Landscapes:
  • Planning
  • Management
  • Coordination and Execution
  • We deliver cost effective Landscaping without compromising on the final output

sri rama landscapersWe at SREE RAMA GARDEN WORKS have two passions. First, to design a garden that supports the architecture, acts as a frame for the architecture, showing off the architecture at its best. Second, to design a garden that suits the specific needs and tastes of the owner. Our special skill is to combine these two requirements in a form that adds value to the property.

To start the process, we ask you to write up a "WISH LIST", including both those things you would love in a garden and also those things you would not like.

You are encouraged to write down everything that comes to mind, irrespective of how ambitious it seems, how much you think it may cost, or even if ideas seem to contradict each other. Include reference to any special materials you like, plants, colours, styles and so on. These may be in any form such as a stone sample, magazine cutout or a web site.

Once this is complete our principal designer will come out for the initial consultation. During this consultation, our designer will talk through your wish list, discuss what will work and what may not, what will best suit the architecture and will add the maximum value to the property. You and our designer will discuss materials, styles, approximate costs and the general direction that the garden should go.

At the end of this process, both you the client and we here at SREE RAMA GARDEN WORKS will have a very clear idea on the direction in which the project should go. From this point we prepare a design for your consideration. When you have inspected this initial design, we meet again to finalize any changes that may arise.

As soon as the design has been agreed upon, we document the project and tender the construction out to selected contractors who have demonstrated excellent quality workmanship. In this way, SREE RAMA GARDEN WORKS ensures that you get the best contractors quoting on your project returning the best possible prices.

sri rama landscapers Once the contractor has been selected, SREE RAMA GARDEN WORKS can remain involved, managing the project for you. We ensure that standards are maintained and that those inevitable little changes and alterations that arise as the project progresses are made in sympathy with the spirit of the design, not "the way the contractor always does it". Our contracts ensure that the contractors finish on-time and with approved high quality.

Naturally, when the project is completed, we offer a maintenance service, guaranteeing that your investment is protected and appreciates each year.